Doppiozero is the tale of a rebel.

“Doppiozero started with a dream several years ago, when I was a banker. After 15 years working in finance, and inspired by the childhood memories of the dishes cooked by my grandmother, I decided to give a chance to my dream. I opened my own catering business in 2014 to recreate the Italian living experience in London.”

Doppiozero’s kitchen has opened the doors in 2013.

Exporting the pure tradition in another country is not easy, especially if we are dealing with Italy, where each town and village has its local specialities. That’s why what Silvia has done is revolutionary: Doppiozero is the first Italian pasta atelier in London.

Cooking is not an art. We are craftsmen and we create good food.

We are not artists, we are tradition performers, who dialogue with people’s taste.

At Doppiozero we cook with the same passion as our grandmothers. They prepare their plates to make people happy and we do the same, by listening to our clients and creating the best catering experience for them.

Doppiozero’s menu is built on Italian signature dishes and grandmothers’ recipes, those of the Italian tradition. All our delicacies are made by hand from scratch.

Yes, we really start with flour and eggs to make our own pasta!

This is 

double zero premium Italian flour a rebel knead to build her dream, starting from her memories.